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SimONet new generation

It has been 4 years since ZAT launched the successfully deployed SimONet platform for wireless data collection, transmission, storage, evaluation and clear visualization. It updated the SimONet platform several times a year. Now in 2022, it is being followed up by a second, brand new generation built on a new architectural core, which moves display options, data processing,...

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Our e-Health Technology Helps Nursing Home Staff to Care for Clients

With its new e-Health technology, ZAT facilitates patient care in five nursing facilities. „During the summer, we installed an e-Health system for monitoring location and indoor climate from the SimONet platform in nursing homes in Prague, Havlíčkův Brod and Teplice, which helps healthcare professionals and service staff to care for clients,“ says Roman Plavec, director...

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How to easily reduce energy consumption in school buildings and offices?

Overheated rooms, staleair, or high energy costs. These are also the factors that municipal and regional authorities must address when managing real estate. Most of the buildings built in the second half of the last century did not take into account the potential for recuperation and intelligent energy management, nor the possibilities of controlling climatic comfort inside the building....

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