Our e-Health Technology Helps Nursing Home Staff to Care for Clients

With its new e-Health technology, ZAT facilitates patient care in five nursing facilities. „During the summer, we installed an e-Health system for monitoring location and indoor climate from the SimONet platform in nursing homes in Prague, Havlíčkův Brod and Teplice, which helps healthcare professionals and service staff to care for clients,“ says Roman Plavec, director of ZAT’s Medical Division. The implementation was carried out in cooperation with Sensowatch.

As part of the pilot project, staff at four nursing homes and an Alzheimer’s centre are familiarising themselves with the new technology and learning to use its full potential.

The system for monitoring location and indoor climate facilitates the work of the staff, especially during night shifts when fewer nurses are on duty. It can, for example, detect unusual patient or client behaviour and alert the nurse to their movement outside the bed. Thanks to the continuous operation of the technology, staff can even extend the interval of regular rounds and attend to other activities that are more necessary at the time.

The installation also includes the installation of open/closed door detectors in client or patient rooms. Again, this is a safety control element in cases where a client suffering from, for example, Alzheimer’s disease leaves the room in the middle of the night, to which the staff can react immediately. The new system can also provide monitoring of temperature, humidity, patient position (presence of a person in the monitored area and alarming of staff), air quality (CO2, VOC), noise, light intensity and patient movement around the room.

„In all the facilities where we currently operate, we have the ambition to connect all rooms to the system by installing special sensors from ZAT and thus serve the entire care facility. The system will not replace qualified nurses, but it can significantly help them to make care more comfortable and efficient for them and their patients,“ adds Roman Plavec.

The SimONet platform used by ZAT uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It contains both hardware elements (sensors) and ready-made software solutions offering evaluation of measured data, their visualization on PCs and mobile devices or sending alerts, e.g. in the form of notifications. It is thus suitable for monitoring various objects and devices.