Data at your fingertips

  • Keep ahead of your competitors.
  • Have the information for decision making
    and management easily available in a timely manner.
  • View your information in wider context.
  • Find opportunities for savings.
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What is SimONet and what it offers

A platform for collection, storing, evaluation and visualization of information using IoT technology.

Data collection

  • Quick and non-invasive installation.
  • Wireless communication and a battery-powered option.
  • Expansion of current sensors by wireless data transfer.
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Data storing

  • Limitless storing of historical data.
  • Linking data from other sources.
  • An option of connecting into a different visualization tool.
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Measured data analysis

  • The system is able to analyze measured data.
  • Sends notifications and alerts to nonstandard states.
  • Looks for relations between values.
  • Detects potential losses and prevents emergency states.
  • Increases the efficiency of maintenance planning and leads to financial savings.
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Information visualization

  • Varying levels of access for administrators, technicians and managers.
  • Displaying data in tables, graphs and map overlays.
  • Filtering and export of information into standard formats.
  • Can be tailored according to the customer’s needs.
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  • Unmanned operation of technology based on collection and analysis of data.
  • Linking to various control systems.

Applications of SimONet

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ZAT supplies intelligent control systems for a wide range of fields all over the world. We focus on fields with high demands on safety and reliability and on technologies and services that require innovative and individual solutions. We help our customers to permanently increase the efficiency of the operation of their technologies. In recent years, we have also focused on the development and deployment of IoT technologies.

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