Data at your fingertips

  • Keep ahead of your competitors.
  • Have the information for decision making
    and management easily available in a timely manner.
  • View your information in wider context.
  • Find opportunities for savings.
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What is SimONet and what it offers

A platform for collection, storing, evaluation and visualization of information using IoT technology.

Data collection

  • Quick and non-invasive installation.
  • Wireless communication and a battery-powered option.
  • Expansion of current sensors by wireless data transfer.
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Data storing

  • Limitless storing of historical data.
  • Linking data from other sources.
  • An option of connecting into a different visualization tool.
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Measured data analysis

  • The system is able to analyze measured data.
  • Sends notifications and alerts to nonstandard states.
  • Looks for relations between values.
  • Detects potential losses and prevents emergency states.
  • Increases the efficiency of maintenance planning and leads to financial savings.
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Information visualization

  • Varying levels of access for administrators, technicians and managers.
  • Displaying data in tables, graphs and map overlays.
  • Filtering and export of information into standard formats.
  • Can be tailored according to the customer’s needs.
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  • Unmanned operation of technology based on collection and analysis of data.
  • Linking to various control systems.

Applications of SimONet