About us

The ZAT company has been delivering intelligent control systems for a wide variety of fields into the whole world for nearly 60 years. We focus on fields demanding high levels of safety and reliability and on technologies requiring an innovative and tailor-made solutions. We consistently help our customers to increase the efficiency of their operation.

Lately, we have been focusing also on development and implementation of IoT technologies. In 2018 we introduced the succesfully implemented platform SimONet for wireless collection, transfer, storage, evaluation and visualization of data.

The platform is being constantly developed to fullfil customers’ requirements and follow modern trends.

Join us and be a part of it.

Team members

Zdeněk podpírající zábradlí
Zdeněk podpírající zábradlí

Ing. Zdeněk Tupý

Development manager – SimONet platform

Who is Zdeněk

Zdeněk has years of experience in project management in the field of intelligent industrial systems. He is very well acquainted with new technologies and their implementation into real-life systems in both the industrial and non-industrial domains. He is the author of the SimONet platform and actively participates in its further development.

When to reach out

  • when you miss a functionality in SimONet
  • you find a problem with the application, for instance in displaying on your device
  • you manufacture or distribute an interesting device and want to integrate it into SimONet
  • you want to chat, but he probably won’t let you get a word in

zdenek.tupy@zat.cz +420 736 519 420

Míša před tancovačkou
Míša před tancovačkou

Bc. Michaela Vlčková

Specialists’ group manager – Data analysis and monitoring

Who is Míša

Michaela leads a group of specialized technicians dedicated to testing of new technologies not only from the realm of IoT, implementation of pilot projects and distribution of technical solutions to end customers. It is a very flexible group which links new innovative technologies and the world of robust industrial systems. For the past three years, the know-how of the group has been finding its place even outside the industrial domain.

When to reach out

  • she will help you precisely define the problem and offer a solution tailor-made according to your needs
  • she will help you with presenting the SimONet platform to your colleagues
  • when you need a partner for squash

michaela.vlckova@zat.cz +420 736 519 160

Petr před vyjížďkou na kole
Petr před vyjížďkou na kole

Petr Hasman

Sales group manager – Smart Systems

Who is Petr

Together with Zdeněk, Petr stood by the birth of the idea to establish a ZAT’s very own department dedicated to IoT technologies and their application in industrial and subsequently also non-industrial fields. He has been active in the IoT realm for a number of years, he takes part in conferences and trade fairs where he presents the SimONet platform and its benefits.

When to reach out

  • with presentation of the SimONet platform for your supervisors
  • he will guide you on your whole journey from the initial consultation and solution design to the sale, service and maintenance
  • in case you have any questions about pricing or potential applications of the SimONet platform
  • when you want to take a cycling trip but cannot decide where to go

petr.hasman@zat.cz +420 736 519 292

Honza Švimberský - Šón
Honza Švimberský - Šón

Ing. Jan Švimberský

Head developer

Who is Honza

Honza coordinates and brings Zdeněk’s ideas to life. He programs and also supervises the development of the SimONet Visualization platform. He has a lot of experience in development of mobile and web applications. He knows his way around modern technologies and loves to talk about them. He is a technological enthusiast which is why technology also plays an important role in his private life.