Distribution networks

Many technological elements already communicate via available technology, wireless or not. Additional important data is collected through visual inspection or based on reported faults. The integrity of isolation on locations in difficult terrain is supervised by drones equipped with thermal imaging to discover heat losses. The IoT tools can prove very helpful even in this field.

What can be monitored?

  • Data collection via battery-powered modules with operating life in the order of years
  • Distribution network mapping
  • Nonstandard phenomena monitoring
  • Guarding of delivery and regulation stations
  • Data collection for the purpose of predictive/preventative maintenance


IoT technologies can significantly raise the quality of distribution networks monitoring. Their affordability, quality of coverage signal on layers Sigfox and NB IoT and an easy installation without the need for external power supply all speak to their merit. In combination with the visualization platform SimONet, we are able to deliver a comprehensive product for supervision over measured data of flow, pressure, temperature, losses, return jets states and the overall condition of the technology.

Benefits for the customer

Thousands of kilometers of gas, oil, steam and water pipelines. All distribution systems are equipped with hundreds of technologies controlling the delivery and regulation stations, mains and the safety of monitoring components. Hundreds of kilometers of hot water mains are insulated by metal covering which is a target to thiefs. A pipeline is not just a pipe, it is many kilometeres worth of technologies outside of built-up areas. That is why monitoring is necessary.