Roadmap – as time went by

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May 2023

  • Coloring alarm conditions in the plan using any alarm value
  • Default time filter for any dashboard

April 2023

  • Chester Hardwario driver - for the new generation of IO devices
  • Acrios driver

March 2023

  • ModBus driver
  • Action scenarios (calendar-based control)
  • UDP driver for receiving data from ZAT ATEX sensors

February 2023

  • Liibrary of technical solutions - automatic creation of visualization (from devices to graphs)
  • New data filtering and search options
  • OTE communication interface

December 2022

  • MQTT driver
  • IEC104 driver
  • REST API interface
  • Data export to Excel file (.xlsx)

October 2022

  • Automatic generation of reports to PDF
  • Notification of users via SMS
  • Voltage potential graph

September 2022

  • New generation SimONet - customer and service application

July 2022

  • Migration of customers to the new generation of the application

June 2022

  • New generation SimONet - beta version

March 2022

  • Sending SMS notifications

October 2021 - January 2022

  • SimONet service application for local parameterization of sensors via Bluetooth

September 2021

  • Controlling access to the application using active direktory

July 2021

  • Generating documents for invoicing services

June 2021

  • Editing the map view (graphical objects)
  • Editing the graph display
  • New functions of the service section

May 2021

  • Improved control interface on mobile phones
  • Possibility of mass notification receipts
  • New value display functions - dynamic mapping of values to icons and colors, more variables in the graph

April 2021

  • Editing the graphics of the text inserted into the plan (font, font color, thickness, transparency of the text background)

March 2021

  • Option to display and set the second axis (Y) in the graph
  • Change the title of the application
  • Entering the coefficient for the measured value in the graph and the possibility of assigning a color to a specific curve of the measured value
  • Display of multiple curves in one graph and the possibility of assigning a color to a specific curve of the measured value

February 2021

  • Option to display metadata in the plan
  • Modification of the parameterization form
  • Dynamic notifications

January 2021

  • Guide tour of applications in Czech and English
  • Adjusting the calendar (beginning of the week according to the selected language)

October 2020

  • Automatic sending of reports

September 2020

  • Setting the geographic location of the section
  • Main screen

August 2020

  • Control and parameterization of the end device
  • Multiplication of the displayed value by a coefficient
  • Extension of the time interval display of the chart
  • Editing the default setting of the time window
  • Display of the selected icon in the settings of notifications, sections and graphs
  • Displaying values in the form of a tile
  • Tiles with the increment value in the given time interval

July 2020

  • Display of values above the map and the possibility to display them
  • Filter in notification settings active/inactive
  • Editing user account management settings in the Simonet application (silver, gold, platinum)

June 2020

  • Statistics module
  • Processing timestamps on aggregated data
  • User chart style setting and description change
  • Integration of new sensors

May 2020

  • Multilingual SimONet application (CZ, ENG, FR, DE)
  • Activation/deactivation of notification depending on time

April 2020

  • Activation/deactivation of notification depending on time

March 2020

  • Display values over background version2

February 2020

  • Integration of new sensors

January 2020

  • Communication connectivity with the Narrowband transmission layer


  • Creation of the SimONet portal
  • Assigning a notification to one or more devices
  • Sorting notifications and categorizing notifications according to priority
  • Notes (additional text) for notifications
  • Mandatory comment for notifications
  • Remote notifications (e-mail)
  • Inserting information and values into notifications
  • View notification history
  • Logging of notification editing history
  • User settings of notification icons
  • Messages displayed in the notification center (Windows, Android)
  • Displaying the customer's logo in the workspace
  • Communication connectivity with IQRF transport layer, Lora Private


  • Creation of Simonet cloud application
  • Notification center
  • Display of measured values in graphs
  • A set of parsers for selected sensors
  • Communication connectivity with Sigfox backend, Lora ČRA
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