Roadmap – as time went by

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April 2021

  • Graphic editing of text placed onto map underlay (font, color, boldness, background transparency)

March 2021

  • Option to display and configure a second axis (Y) in graphs
  • Change of application title
  • Setting coefficients for measured values in graphs and assigning colors to specific curves of measured values
  • Displaying multiple curves in one graph and assigning colors to specific curves of measured values

February 2021

  • Option to display metadata in map underlays
  • Modified parameterization form
  • Dynamic notifications

January 2021

  • Guided tour of the application in Czech and English
  • Guided tour of the application in Czech and English

October 2020

  • Automatic report sending

September 2020

  • Setting geographic position of a section
  • Opening screen

August 2020

  • Control and parameterization of the end device
  • Displayed value can be multiplied by a coefficient
  • Expansion of displayed time period in a graph
  • Altered default settings of the time window
  • Icon chosen in settings of notifications, sections and graphs displayed
  • Values displayed in the form of a tile
  • Tile displaying the increment value of a given time interval

July 2020

  • Values displayed over a map, display options
  • Filter in notifications settings active/inactive
  • Altered settings of SimONet application user account management (silver, gold, platinum)

June 2020

  • Statistics module
  • Aggregated data time-stamp processing
  • User settings of graph style and changes to descriptions
  • Integration of new sensors

May 2020

  • Multi-lingual SimONet application (CZ, ENG, FR, DE)
  • Activation/deactivation of notification based on time

April 2020

  • Altered graph display (two Y-axes, display of value descriptions and set limits)

March 2020

  • Display of values over background verze2

February 2020

  • Integration of new sensors

January 2020

  • Communication connectivity to transfer layer Narrowband


  • SimONet portal established
  • Notification bound to one or multiple devices
  • Ordering of notifications, categorization of notifications by priority
  • Notes (supplemental text) for notifications
  • Mandatory comment for notifications
  • Remote notifications (e-mail)
  • Inserting information and values into notifications
  • Display of notification history
  • Logged history of notification edits
  • User settings of notification icons
  • Messages displayed in notification center (Windows, Android)
  • Customer’s logo displayed in workspace
  • Communication connectivity to transfer layer IQRF, Lora Private


  • Cloud application Simonet established
  • Notification center
  • Display of measured values in graphs
  • Set of parsers for selected sensors
  • Communication connectivity to the backend of Sigfox, Lora ČRA
logo Simonet