Health care

Tens of thousands of beds. Hundreds of qualified personnel. Imbalance between the number of workers and patients. Even that is an issue, for which IoT technologies offer a cure.

What can be monitored?

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Patient's position (staff alerted to falls)
  • Breathing air quality (CO2, VOC)
  • Noise
  • Light intensity
  • Patient's movement around the room
  • Open/closed windows and doors


The measurement is done by battery-powered sensors discreetly placed on the wall or ceiling.

  • Data collection for attending staff
  • Documentation of nonstandard events
  • Monitoring of staff presence in the patient’s room
  • No cameras and intrusion of privacy
  • Quality of service enhancement
  • The SimONet application provides basis for energy costs optimization
  • Savings for the health care provider

Benefits for the customer

The attending staff cannot be by every patient at once. Monitoring of conditions as described above can provide an overview of the status of the rooms and alert personnel to nonstandard events. The platform cannot replace a qualified nurse but can aid them in making the care for the patient more efficient.

Alzheimer center Roztoky

The project’s goal was to monitor interior climate in order to create an optimal environment for the clients. Furthermore, the area around clients’ beds is also monitored to assure safety and to keep track of clients’ position, especially during the night.
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