SimONet new generation

It has been 4 years since ZAT launched the successfully deployed SimONet platform for wireless data collection, transmission, storage, evaluation and clear visualization. It updated the SimONet platform several times a year. Now in 2022, it is being followed up by a second, brand new generation built on a new architectural core, which moves display options, data processing, user-friendliness to a much higher level and offers new options for integration into company information systems. 

We launched the new generation of the SimONet platform on October 3, 2022, and with it also an adaptation period, when existing customers have the opportunity to test the control of the new generation of the SimONet platform. During this period, the data of existing customers is available in parallel via SimONet generations. After the end of parallel operation, the data will be available only in the new environment. The end of concurrent operation is set for 31 November 2022. 

New functionalities 

Organize your workspace as you wish 

Completely revised structuring of information display. Newly, you can adjust the tiles on the screen or create them exactly as it suits you. You can combine graphs, tables, map backgrounds, background images, even from different types of data-providing devices. 

Combine information from multiple devices into one view 

In graphs, you can display the values of several devices at once, for example 30. This gives you the opportunity to better monitor the relationships between values, to monitor them comprehensively and in context. You also have a larger number of chart types available. You have the option to choose the most suitable one. 

Sending information via SMS 

Did you think text messaging was „dead“? We originally thought so too. However, based on customer requirements, we added this method of communication to SimONEt. There are operations where this method of communication is sufficient. 

Deeper options for integration into IS 

Do you have your own information system and would you like to have data from, for example, wireless sensors? No problem, the new version of SimONet offers the possibility of much deeper integration, via API. 

New login options 

We have added a new option to the default method of managing user accounts via SimONet. This is the connection with your authentication servers. You can thus manage access from one place and according to the rules in your company. The password for the application can then be the same as for your other information systems. 

Don’t trust cloud services?

Never mind, the new version of SimONet enables deployment directly on your server. You will then have the data nicely under the roof. 

You are not clear whether the cloud or your own server? 

We now offer the option to switch from cloud services to your servers at any time later, including data migration. 

We are constantly working on the development of the application, and your ideas are important to us. We will be happy if you share your dreams via the form

Do you want to try the application for yourself? We will gladly make the DEMO available to you.